Securing the Supply Chain

Since 1978, Sesaco Corporation has been working to help coordinate the development of the sesame industry.  We believe that sesame adds value to a farmer's rotation, helping to extend the use of vital resources, particularly water. With approximately 50% oil, 25% protein, and several forms of antioxidants, sesame contributes positively to human health & nutrition when consumed as an ingredient.  

In 2011, Mitsubishi Corporation (MC), the leading Japanese trading company, acquired majority share of Sesaco. This has enabled Sesaco to pursue further growth opportunities by utilizing MC's global network and creating synergies with MC's international business platform, while continuing its contribution to the U.S. agricultural landscape by providing sesame as a new solution to producers. 

Research & Development

Sesaco operates the world's largest most extensive sesame breeding program with more than 41,000 different lines. With roots dating back to 1941, Sesaco has used traditional breeding to develop the only non-dehiscent (ND) sesame varieties in the world (U.S. patent number 6,100,452). ND sesame changes the way sesame has been cultivated and harvested for 7,500 years.

Even today, 99% of the sesame grown in the world is still harvested manually because traditional sesame capsules shatter during the drying stage before harvest. Sesaco ND varieties mature and dry standing in the field and then are harvested direct from standing plants. Traditional sesame with known traits such as drought, heat, insect, and disease tolerance is now completely mechanized by the ND genes. 

In 2008, Sesaco released the first Improved Non-Dehiscent (IND) varieties (U.S. patent number 8,080,707).

Sesaco is committed to continuing the development of varieties that are input efficient, insult resistant, and have market desirable characteristics. 


Acreage contracts for sesame are available now.  Our team of dedicated field reps can assist in determining the best fit for sesame in your rotation.  Additionally, Sesaco utilizes an integrated network of service providers to provide regional access to planting seed and delivery locations.  


The seed is cleaned and graded at our state-of-the-art processing facility in Hobart, OK.  The final product is used as an ingredient in various bakery applications, manufactured into sesame oil, or processed into tahini.