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  • Double Crop Opportunity

    Double Crop Opportunity Wheat harvest has begun in Southwestern Oklahoma.  This early harvest of wheat provides a great opportunity to double crop sesame. Sesame can endure the summer heat of the Southwest.

  • Crop Update and Second Chances

    Drilled Sesame in the Coastal Bend In the Coastal Bend, the first drilled sesame planted on 7.5 inches is being done by Allen and Ross Moench. They are using a 15ft John Deere 1590.  Flute meter gates are open 3/16th of inch. Updates This picture was taken 6 days ago in the evening showing early bud forms in the most developed sesame of the year.

  • Crop Progresses in South Texas

    Warm temperatures have even the earliest planted sesame up and off to a very good start for 2012. This sesame was planted by Hollis and Dustin Swanberg near Lyford, TX on March 21. It has 3 pairs of leaves, or nodes, three weeks after planting.

  • Planting Continues

    Sesame planting continues in deep South Texas but has progressed further north with favorable temperatures in the Coastal Bend and Winter Garden areas.   Here John Prukop of Premont, TX covers acres quickly with a large planter while moisture is available. Sesame as a Vegetable Crop Bruce Gamble of Cameron, TX has taken on the challenge of watering up sesame in a multi row per bed planter pattern.

  • Planting Begins in South Texas

    With moisture received over the last couple of weeks and soil temperatures exceeding 70 degrees F, planting season has officially began in South Texas!       

    Planting Seed and Marketing Agreements are available at Willacy County Coop.   

    Please review the planting section of our most recent Producers Guide and contact Brannon Lyssy (210-557-5321) with any specific questions regarding pre-plant conditions, planter settings, or anything else that can help establish a winning stand of sesame...