Sesame viable option for rotation crop on South Plains

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It is all about recovery on the South Plains, but Jerry Riney with Sesaco said sesame did help some growers to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

"I think we definitely had an influence on growers in 2011," Riney said. "They are looking at alternatives to survive tough situations like in 2011, and I think sesame provided that alternative."

Examples of success despite the drought provides encouragement for a great year for sesame.

"We had a great experience last year in Crosby County with some late planted sesame and it did very well," Riney said.

What is it about sesame that seems to embrace dry these conditions?  Zack Cocker, a field representative for Sesaco, said sesame is ideal for West Texas for many reasons.

"The majority of our acres are dryland acres," Cocker said. "It is a very drought tolerate crop and very resilient to heat. It flowers best over 95 degrees and with these West Texas winds, I think this is a great option for guys."

Balancing water use and focusing on where it is most needed. That is why sesame is so convenient to add to your crop rotation.

"A big problem on the South Plains is water use," Cocker said. "These guys are using water underground and pivots for their cotton and are having a hard time keeping up."

Dryland acres contracting at 35 cents and irrigated acres contracting at 37 cents per acre. Sesaco is excited to show growers its three new varieties with large yield increases.

"Sesaco sesame is the only sesame in the world that you are able to harvest with a combine," Cocker said. "Everywhere else in the world sesame is cut and has to be shaken but through breeding our seeds are able to stay in the hole."

And what about crop insurance for sesame?

"There are five counties on the Caprock that are on a pilot program," Riney said. "Dawson, Terry, Lubbock, Floyd and Crosby are all counties that growers can have multi-peril crop insurance on sesame. It is a very economical package with low cost coverage for your inputs that you put in on sesame."

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